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Dog training, obedience and agility
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Dog training, obedience and agility

Basic training course   

This training course consists of 3 private training sessions and 2 complimentary classes (see information on classes below).  During the private lessons we teach you about the principles of learning in dogs and the basic obedience exercises (sit, drop, stay, focus, loose leash walking and recall).  (These sessions are not designed to address fear or aggression related issues.  If your dog has these, please see our information on private behaviour and in-home training.)

These sessions are tailored to you and your pet so if you already have some experience or wish to train other exercises, we will use this as a starting point and extend your training from there.  

Most dogs and their owners are ready to join the class after their three private sessions.  In some instances, dogs and their owners who already have some experience, may be able to undertake their two classes in conjunction with their three private sessions. 

Please note that these sessions are designed to be conducted at our training grounds in Anstead and Pullenvale only.  If you cannot attend our premises then please contact us to check if we can travel to you and how much it would cost.

We believe puppies under 8 weeks should not be removed for their litter or dam but once you have your puppy he is ready for training.

While our training grounds at Anstead only have dogs visiting that are fully vaccinated we can come to you (at no extra charge if you live between Karana Downs and Kenmore) if you have a young puppy under the age of 12 weeks (once only).  Please also see our page on Puppy and Pre-puppy purchase consultations.

Course Cost $180 and includes:  

  • Three private training sessions 50 mins each (please allow an hour) 
  • Two complimentary Sunday classes
  • Training treats for all sessions  

Should you need to alter a training session time a $10 administration fee will apply if changed less than 24 hours before the session.  In inclement weather we will need to postpone sessions and there will be no charge for this obviously but it may not be possible to keep the same time slot.  

If you have completed our basic training course you can have additional private training sessions for $30 for 25 minutes.

Single private training Session 

We also offer single private training sessions at our premises for $80 which are 50 mins (please allow an hour) and includes training treats. If you have completed our basic training course you can have additional private training sessions for $30 for 25 minutes.

 Please download the 'enrolment'  form on the "Forms" page and complete then return to or ring Shan for further information on Mobile: 0404 492 854

Regular training classes

Once you have undertaken our basic course above you can continue with classes on a pay-as-you-go basis.  $10/class per dog   

These basic training classes cover;

· obedience
· fun activities
socialisation and dog to dog work
developing good manners at home

· and some trick training

these classes are interspersed with information and discussion sessions aimed to teach owners about dog behaviour and how dogs 'think'. 


Agility classes

We conduct agility classes on the 1st and 3rd Saturday afternoons of the month.  Any changes to this (eg poor weather conditions) are advertised on my Facebook Page (The Bounding Hound).  You must have completed our basic training course or at least one private session to be able to attend agility classes.

$10/class per dog 

Zoe negotiating an agility jump. during class.
Many dogs love the agility obstacles.

A class about to start.